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College of Life Science and Technology (LifeST) was founded in 1980 at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). The college always adheres to the intersection of Science, Engineering, and Medical research. It now consists of five departments, two national key disciplines, one Experimental Teaching Center of Virtual Simulation. The achievement from LifeST supported 11 subjects including Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Botany and Zoology, Agricultural Science, Environmental Science and Ecology in HUST enter into top 1% list in ESI international ranking. According to the Assessments of Ministry of Education for 2017, LifeST constructed 2 national education disciplines: Biomedical Engineering is assessed as A+ and Biology is assessed as A-。

To meet the requirement of life science research and industry, LifeST opens 6 National Talented Youth Training Base. In 2020, LifeST is selected for the” Strengthening Foundation Plan” project and the2.0 base of the cultivation of top students in basic disciplines. and 4 Cooperative Experimental Classes.  LifeST opens 5 undergraduate majors and holds 11 master's and Ph.D. programs and postdoctoral programs in 2 disciplines. All these together formed an integrative training system for creative young scientists and engineers with international competitiveness. There are now 2929 students, including 1946 undergraduates, 155 international students in LifeST.

For teaching human resources, LifeST built a group of faculty with outstanding international academic backgrounds. There are 110 and more staff in LifeST and over 97% of them have Ph.D. degrees. They are talented and full of energy, form a group of young but experienced scientists and a national certificated University Teaching Team. LifeST also hired a group of well-known international scholars and Directors in famous international enterprises as part-time professors.

The institute has established 9 nation scientific research platforms and 7internation scientific research cooperation platforms, including the biomedical photonics research department of Wuhan Optoelectronic National Research Center, the National Nanomedical Engineering Technology Research Center, the Key Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics of the Ministry of Education. In recent years, the teachers of LifeST have been twice assessed as top10 Advances in Science and Technology in China. Their achievements in LifeST won more than 10 items of national and province. They published more than 60 papers in Cell, Nature, Science, and its journals and won more than 100 international and domestic invention patents.

Teachers, students, and staff will continue to adhere to the school motto of “illustrious virtue erudite practical innovation“, down to earth, be pioneering and innovative, strive for creating worldwide top-class Life Science and Technology disciplines.

                                                                                                                             Nov.  2nd, 2020