Campus Life

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Student Life Overview

Studying at HUST is a great experience. There are loads going on within the university and college. This is the place where students connect with other people from all walks of life, balance studies with social life, learn from leading academics, join different and exciting clubs, explore and try things new.

HUSTers spend lots of time getting involved in extracurricular activities, whether they are interested in athletic teams, arts and culture, academic associations and community involvement. They have a very clear vision of what they want to be and what they want to do in the future.

HUST Library

华中科技大学图书馆 (

Food and Dining

HUST will exceed your expectations with many places to relax and eat on campus. There are 36 Campus Eateries in main campus and east campus. Whether you're looking for something quick on your way to class or a formal atmosphere for a business lunch, you'll find quality food services at HUST.

Athletics and Recreation

活力校园-华中科技大学 (

Internships and Experiential Learning

Our industry connections provide a range of opportunities for students to undertake work experience, enhancing their CV ready for graduation and career path. Internships and Experiential Learning help them build professional skills while applying classroom concepts to practical projects.

Arts and Sciences

Clubs and Activities

HUST has a wide variety of clubs and associations to belong to. Whether students want to join different clubs on campus or participate in student governments, there is a way for everyone to feel connected.