Zhang Rongying


Phone: 86-15971432599

Email: ryzhang@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Cell Biology and Biophysics

Research Interests: regulation of membrane trafficking, molecular mechanisms of post-endocytic vesicular transport, related human diseases.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Analytical Chemistry, 2002, Wuhan University;

Bachelor in Chemistry, 1996, Wuhan University.

Professional Experience

School of Life Science and Technology, HUST, Full Professor (2015-present)

School of Life Science and Technology, HUST, Associate Professor (2005-2015)

Medical School, Harvard University, Senior Visiting Scholar

School of Life Science and Technology, HUST, Assistant Professor (2002-2005)

Selected Publications

1. Sanyou Chen#, Lei Li#, Jiangli Li#, Bei Liu, Xinyu Zhu, Li Zheng, Rongying Zhang*, and Tao Xu*. SEC-10 and RAB-10 coordinate basolateral recycling of clathrin-independent cargo through endosomal tubules in Caenorhabditis elegans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(2014), 15432-15437.

2. Min Wan#, Wenhua Zhang#, Yangli Tian, Chanjuan Xu, Tao Xu, Jianfeng Liu*, and Rongying Zhang*. Unraveling a molecular determinant for clathrin-independent internalization and lysosomal targeting of M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor. Sci. Rep, 5(2015), 11408..

3. Lei Li#, Tao Wan#, Min Wan, Bei Liu, Ran Cheng, and Rongying Zhang*. The effect of the size of fluorescent dextran on its endocytic pathway. Cell Biol Int 39(2015), 531.

4. Yali Li#, Deshu Cheng#, Ran Cheng, Xinyu Zhu, Tao Wan, Jianmiao Liu, Rongying Zhang*. Mechanisms of U87 astrocytoma cell uptake and trafficking of monomeric versus protofibril Alzheimer’s disease amyloid-β proteins. PLoS ONE 9(2014), e99939.

5. Li Z, Zhou W, Wu Z*, Zhang R*, & Xu T. Fabrication of size-controllable ultrasmall-disk electrode: Monitoring single vesicle release kinetics at tiny structures with high spatio-temporal resolution. Biosens. & Bioelectron. 2009(24), 1358.

Courses Taught

0700993: Biophysics (Bachelor course)

170.551: Advanced Biophysics (Master course)


1. National Natural Science Foundation of China: 31571468, Mechanisms underlying SNX3-facilitate tubular endosomal recyclying of clathrin-independent cargoes, 2016/01-2019/12.

2. Major State Basic Research Program of China Grants: 2011CB910400, The novel molecular optical technology and method for in vivo functional investigation of proteins, 2011/1-2015/12.

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China: 31071249, Investigation of the novel function and mechanism of Exocyst underlying the post-endocytic membrane trafficking, 2011/01-2013/12.

4. Major State Basic Research Program of China Grants: 2007CB914200, Novel technology and method for high-through measurement of membranous receptor activity, 2008/01-2012/12.

5. National Natural Science Foundation of China: 30500117, Investigation of the membrane fusion dynamics using nano-disc electrodes with super-high spatio-temporal resolution, 2006/01-2008/12.

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