Zhang Xianqin


Phone: 86-27-87795906

Email: xqzhang04@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: medical genetics

Research Interests: Disease gene cloning of human genetic disease and related molecular mechanism study, target identification and drug screening of disease.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2008, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China                  

B.S. in Biotechnology, 2002, South-Central University For Nationalities, China

Professional Experience

Professor (2010-present); College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2008-2010); Department of Molecular Cardiology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA

Visiting Ph.D. Student &Predoctoral Research Fellow (2005-2008); Department of Molecular Cardiology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA

Selected Publications

1. Zhang X, Bogunovic D, Payelle-Brogard B, Francois-Newton V, Speer SD, Yuan C, Volpi S, Li Z, Sanal O, Mansouri D, Tezcan I, Rice GI, Chen C, Mansouri N, Mahdaviani SA, Itan Y, Boisson B, Okada S, Zeng L, Wang X, Jiang H, Liu W, Han T, Liu D, Ma T, Wang B, Liu M, Liu JY, Wang QK, Yalnizoglu D, Radoshevich L, Uzé G, Gros P, Rozenberg F, Zhang SY, Jouanguy E, Bustamante J, García-Sastre A, Abel L, Lebon P, Notarangelo LD, Crow YJ, Boisson-Dupuis S, Casanova JL, Pellegrini S. Human intracellular ISG15 prevents interferon-α/β over-amplification and auto-inflammation. Nature. 2015 Jan1;517(7532):89-93. doi: 10.1038/nature13801. Epub 2014 Oct 12.

 2. Zhang X, Chen S, Yoo S, Chakrabarti S, Zhang T, Ke T, Oberti C, Yong SL, Fang F, Li L, de la Fuente R, Wang L, Chen Q, Wang QK. Mutation in nuclear pore component NUP155 leads to atrial fibrillation and early sudden cardiac death. Cell. 2008 Dec 12;135(6):1017-27

 3. Wang F, Xu CQ, He Q, Cai JP, Li XC, Wang D, Xiong X, Liao YH, Zeng QT, Yang YZ, Cheng X, Li C, Yang R, Wang CC, Wu G, Lu QL, Bai Y, Huang YF, Yin D, Yang Q, Wang XJ, Dai DP, Zhang RF, Wan J, Ren JH, Li SS, Zhao YY, Fu FF, Huang Y, Li QX, Shi SW, Lin N, Pan ZW, Li Y, Yu B, Wu YX, Ke YH, Lei J, Wang N, Luo CY, Ji LY, Gao LJ, Li L, Liu H, Huang EW, Cui J, Jia N, Ren X, Li H, Ke T, Zhang XQ, Liu JY, Liu MG, Xia H, Yang B, Shi LS, Xia YL, Tu X, Wang QK. Genome-wide association identifies a susceptibility locus for coronary artery disease in the Chinese Han population. Nat Genet. 2011 Mar 6;43(4):345-9.

 4. A novel RAB7 mutation in a Chinese family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2B disease.

Wang X, Han C, Liu W, Wang P, Zhang X#.  Gene. 2014 Jan 25;534(2):431-4.

 5. A novel donor splice-site mutation of major intrinsic protein gene associated with congenital cataract in a Chinese family. Zeng L, Liu W, Feng W, Wang X, Dang H, Gao L, Yao J, Zhang X#. Mol Vis. 2013 Nov 14;19:2244-9. eCollection 2013.

 6. Wu L, Yong S, Fan C, Ni Y, Yoo S, Zhang T, Zhang X, Obejero C, Rho H, Ke T, Szafranski P, Jones S, Chen Q, Wang QK Identification of a new co-factor, MOG1, required for the full function of cardiacsodium channel Nav1.5 J Biol Chem. 2008 Mar 14;283(11):6968-78. Epub 2008 Jan 9.

 7. Zhang X, Chen L, Liu J, Zhao Z, Qu E, Wang X, Chang W, Xu C, Wang QK,  Liu M.A novel DSPP mutation is associated with type II dentinogenesis imperfecta in a Chinese family.BMC Med Genet. 2007 8:52

 8. Zhang X, Chen L, Zhang L, Liu M, Vincent M, Redfearn S, Bryant R, Oberti C, Wang Q Protective effect of KCNH2 single nucleotide polymorphism K897T in an LQTS family and identification of novel KCNQ1 and KCNH2 mutations. BMC Med Genet. 2008 Sep 23;9:87.

Courses Taught

Genetics (0701053)


  1. Principal Investigator, Grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (81000079, 81170165)
  2. Principal Investigator, Program of New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China (NCET-12-0212)
  3. Principal Investigator, Program of academic frontier youth team of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Principal Investigator, Startup funding from Huazhong University of Science and Technology


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