Tu Xin


Phone: 86 27 87792649

Email: xtu@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Cardiovascular disease

Research Interests: Cardiology and Cardiovascular Genetics and Genomics

Academic Degrees

Doctor of Medicine

Professional Experience

Xin Tu, MD, is a cardiologist in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Of special interest to Dr. Tu are genomics, physiology and physiopathology, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure and preventive medicine. He has done many research in the discovery of multiple genes that increase susceptibility for cardiovascular disease and continues his research in this area.

Selected Publications

1. Genome-wide association identifies a susceptibility locus for coronary artery disease in the Chinese Han population. Nat Genet. 2011; 43(4): 345-349.

2. The IL-33-ST2L pathway is associated with coronary artery disease in a Chinese Han population. Am J Hum Genet. 2013; 93(4): 652-660.

3. The same chromosome 9p21.3 locus is associated with type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease in a Chinese Han population. Diabetes. 2011; 60(2): 680-684.

4. Regulation of CARD8 expression by ANRIL and association of CARD8 single nucleotide polymorphism rs2043211 (p.C10X) with ischemic stroke. Stroke. 2014; 45(2): 383-388.

5. Minor allele C of chromosome 1p32 single nucleotide polymorphism rs11206510 confers risk of ischemic stroke in the Chinese Han population. Stroke. 2010; 41(8): 1587-1592.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses/ Anatomy and Physiology (0702761);

An introduction of biomedicine.

Postgraduate Course/ An Introduction to Molecular Medicine (170.535);

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