Ning Kang


Phone: +86-27-87793041


Academic Areas: Bioinformatics, Microbiome

Research Interests: Metagenomics, Single-cell omics, Synthetic biology and High-performance-computation

Academic Degrees


Professional Experience

I am the author of over 60 papers and reviews, including Bioinformatics, Nucleic Acids Research, PLoS Genetics and Scientific Reports, with more than 1000 citations in total. I have served as the committee members of several bioinformatics and biological big-data committees in China. I have served as editors for several journals such as Scientific Reports, and served as reviewers for several international funding agencies including UK-BBSRC and UK-NERC. I head a laboratory with the combination of experimental biology and bioinformatics algorithm development, and have collaborations with biologists, doctors and statisticians in many countries.

Selected Publications

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Courses Taught

Biostatistics, Project Design, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Bioinforamtics, Systems Biology

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