Nicola D’Ascenzo




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Academic Areas:applied and medical physics, computational physics and applied mathematics, physics.

Research Interests: : Applied and medical physics: simulation and prototyping of new positron emission tomography systems based on the digital software-enabled Plug&Imaging concept, proton therapy monitoring and brain imaging, new CMOS single photon detectors with intelligent electronics on chip. Computational physics and applied mathematics: new kinetic models for magnetohydrodynamics and high performance computing. Physics: ttH and ttHH production at new colliders.

Academic Degrees

Ph. D

Professional Experience

2015-nowHuazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor

2013 - 2016, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow Habilitation program (preparation to full Professorship) Mathematical modelling of magneto gas dynamics problems, Supercomputers and parallel algorithms

2012 – 2014,  Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY, Hamburg

Research Fellow

Mathematical simulation of the International Linear Collider Physics and Detector

Experimental data Analysis of CDF experiment, FNAL, B physics group

Development of the Semiconductor technology -novel type of Photodetector – Silicon Photomultiplier,

Development and Study of scintillator/Silicon Photomultiplier detector systems

Mathematical modelling and experimental study of new generation Positron Emission Tomography

Experimental data analysis of OLYMPUS experiment, Analysis of Two Photon contribution in ep elastic scattering.

2010 LPNHE, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie/IN2P3-CNRS, Paris (Grant of the EUDET project)

Mathematical simulation and test beam studies for the InternationalLinear Collider Physics and Detector,

Experimental data Analysis of CDF experiment, FNAL, B physics group

2009 Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY, Hamburg

Mathematical simulation of the International Linear Collider Physicsand Detector

Representative publications (Web Of Knowledge h-Index 34, total number of Publications 264)

N. D'Ascenzo, M. Gao, E. Antonecchia, P. Gnudi,H.-H. Chen, F.-H. Chen, J.-H. Hong, I.-T. Hsiao, T.-C. Yen, W. Wang, D. Xi, B. Zhang, Q. Xie, New Digital Plug and Imaging Sensor for a Proton Therapy Monitoring System based on Positron Emission Tomography, Sensors, 18, 9, 3006, 2018.

B.N. Chetverushkin, N. D’Ascenzo, A. V. Saveliev, V. I. Saveliev, Kinetic Model and Magnetogasdynamics Equations, Comp. Math. Math. Phys., 58, 5, 691-699, 2018.

N. D'Ascenzo, W. Brockherde, S. Dreiner, A. Schwinger, A. Schmidt, Q. Xie, Design and Characterization of a Silicon Photomultiplier in 0.35 um CMOS, IEEE J. Elec. Dev. Soc., 74, 80, 2017.

N. D'Ascenzo, X. Zhang, Q. Xie, Application of CMOS technology to Silicon Photomultiplier Sensors, Sensors, 17, 10, 2204, 2017.

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N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, "Multi Voltage Threshold Silicon Photomultiplier: fundamentals, technology and application to Positron Emission Tomography", De Gruyer, Berlin, 2019 (in publication)

Representative Book Chapters:

N. D'Ascenzo, V. Saveliev, Q. Xie, "CMOS Silicon Photomultiplier development", in Photonics and Laser Technologies, Springer Series in Optical Sciences 218, ISBN 978-3-319-98547-3, Springer, 2018.

N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, "Silicon Photomultipliers: Physics, Technological challenges and applications to modern nuclear medicine", in Photon Counting - Fundamentals and Applications, ISBN 978-953-51-3907-2, Intech, RJeka, Croatia, 2018.

Nicola D'Ascenzo, Valeri Saveliev, Qingguo Xie, and Lin Wang, "The Digital Silicon Photomultiplier," in Optoelectronics Materials and Devices, ISBN 978-953-51-2174-9, Intech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2015.

Representative Conference Proceedings Papers:

N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, Performance evaluation of the Chinese JOINBON SiPM for radiation detection systems, 2018 IEEE Medical Imaging conference, Sydney, Australia

G. Min, N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, Simulation and design of a new Plug&Imaging sensor for novel digital brain PET system, 2018 IEEE Medical Imaging conference, Sydney, Australia.

G. Min, N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, A new in-beam proton therapy monitoring system based on digital MVT readout, 2018 IEEE Medical imaging conference, Sydney, Australia

E. Antonecchia, N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, Improvement of the acquisition rate of a novel digital PET helmet, 2018 IEEE Medical Imaging conference, Sydney, Australia

G. Min, N. D'Ascenzo, Q. Xie, The P&I digital PET system for Proton Therapy monitoring systems, 2017 IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Atlanta, USA.

N. D'Ascenzo, V. Saveliev, Q. Xie, China Photomultiplier Technology, 2016 IEEE Photonics Con


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