Luo Zhiqiang


Phone: 15072396671


Academic Areas: Nanotechnology for biomedical science

Research Interests: Innovative bio-interfaced nanomaterials and nanodevices for cellular probing and stimulation; Integration of functional nanomaterials and soft bionic devices with biological system.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Physics, 2011, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

Master Degree of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, 2006, Zhejiang University.

Bachelor Degree of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, 2003, Northeastern University.

Professional Experience

Professor (2016-present); College of Life Sciences & Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Postdoctoral Scholar (2011-2016); Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago, USA.


Selected Publications

[1] Jiang, Y. W.; Souza, J. C.; Wong, R.; Luo, Z. Q.; Isheim, D.; Zuo, X.; Nicholls, A.; Jung, I.; Yue, J.; Liu, D.; Wang, Y. C.; De Andrade, V.; Xiao, X.; Navrazhnykh, L.; Weiss, D.; Wu, X.; Seidman, D.; Bezanilla, F. *; Tian, B. Z.*; “Heterogeneous Silicon Mesostructures for Lipid-Supported Bioelectric Interfaces”, Nature Materials, 2016, 15, 1023-1030.

[2] Luo, Z. Q.; Jiang, Y. W.; Myers, B. D.; Isheim, D.; Wu, J.; Zimmerman, J. F.; Wang, Z.; Li, Q.; Wang, Y.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V. P.; Seidman, N. D.; Tian, B. Z.*; “Atomic Gold Enabled Three-dimensional Lithography for Silicon Mesostructures”, Science, 2015, 348, 1451-1455.

[3] Fang, H. Y.; Luo, Z. Q.; Haoran Yang, H. R.; Wu, Y.*; “The Effects of the Size and the Doping Concentration on the Power Factor of n-type Lead Telluride Nanocrystals for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion”, Nano Letters, 2014, 14, 1153-1157.

[4] Lu, L. Y.; Luo, Z. Q.; Xu, T; Yu, L.*; “Cooperative Plasmonic Effect of Ag and Au Nanoparticles on Enhancing Performance of Polymer Solar Cells”, Nano Letters, 2013, 13, 59-64.

[5] Luo, Z. Q.; Yu, T.; Shang, J. Z.; Wang, Y. Y.; Lim, S. H.; Liu, L.; Gurzadyan, G. G.; Shen, Z. X.*; Lin, J. Y.*; “Large Scale Synthesis of Bi-layer Graphene in Strongly Coupled Stacking Order”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2011, 21, 911-917.


National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine

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