Luo Liang


Phone: 027-65526252


Academic Areas: Nanomedicine and Biopharmaceutics

Research Interests: Functional molecular materials and polymers based biological and chemical sensors and nanophamarceutics

Academic Degrees

2004-2009, Ph.D. in Chemistry, SUNY Stony Brook, USA

2001-2004, M.S. in Polymer Science, Nankai University, China

1997-2001, B.S. in Chemistry, Nankai University, China


Professional Experience

2016-present, Professor, Life Science and Technology, HUST, China

2012-2015, Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA

2009-2012, Postdoc, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota, USA

Selected Publications

1. Luo, L.; Balhorn, F.; Vlaisavljevich, B.; Ma, D.; Gagliardi, L.; Frisbie, C. D.* “Hopping transport and rectifying behavior in long donor-acceptor molecular wires”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, 118, 26485-26487

 2. Luo, L.; Resch, D.; Wilhem, C.; Young, C.; Halada, G.; Grey, C. P.; Gambino, R. J. Goroff, N. S.* “Room temperature carbonization of polydiiododiacetylene by reaction with Lewis bases” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 19274-19277

 3. Luo, L.; Wilhem, C.; Young, C.; Grey, C. P.; Halada, G.; Xiao, K.; Ivanov, I. N.; Geohegan, D. B.; Goroff, N. S.* “Characterization and carbonization of highly-oriented polydiiododiacetylene nanofibers”, Macromolecules 2011, 44, 2626-2631

 4. Luo, L.; Choi, S. H.; Frisbie, C. D. “Probing hopping conduction for conjugated molecular wires connected between metal electrodes”, Chemistry of Materials 2011, 23, 631-645

 5. Luo, L.; Frisibie, C. D. “length-dependent conduction of conjugated molecular wires synthesized by click chemistry”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010, 132, 8854-8855

Causes Taught:

Centers/Programs:National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine

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