Jing Wang


Phone: 13476223902

Email: jwangwhu@hotmail.com

Academic Areas: Biomedical optics

Research Interests: developing novel optical approaches to evaluate tissue biomechanics for a variety of clinical applications; developing new optical methods for imaging in deep turbid tissue.





Academic Degrees

PhD in physics, 2012, The City University of New York, United States;

M.S. in Optics, 2003, Wuhan University, China;

B.S. in Applied Physics, 2000, Wuhan University, China;

Professional Experience

 Professor (2016-present); College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Research Fellow (2012-2016), Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

Selected Publications

1. M. Davy, Z. Shi, J. Wang, X. Cheng and A. Z. Genack, Transmission eigenchannels and the densities of states of random media, Physical Review Letters 114, 033901 (2015)

2. J. Wang and S. K. Nadkarni, The influence of optical fiber bundle parameters on the transmission of laser speckle patterns, Optics Express 22, 8908-8918 (2014)

3. Z. Shi, J. Wang and A. Z. Genack, Microwave conductance in random waveguides in the cross-over to Anderson localization and single-parameter scaling, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111, 2926-2930 (2014).

4. Z. Shi, M. Davy, J. Wang and A. Z. Genack, Focusing through random media in space and time: a transmission matrix approach. Optics Letters 38, 2714-2716 (2013).

5. M. Davy, Z. Shi, J. Wang and A. Z. Genack, Transmission statistics and focusing in single disordered samples,  Optics Express 21, 10367-10375 (2013).

6. J. Wang and A. Z. Genack, Transport through modes in random media, Nature 471, 345-348 (2011).

7. J. Wang, A. A. Chabanov, D. Y. Lu, Z. Q. Zhang, and A. Z. Genack, Dynamics of fluctuations of localized waves, Physical Review B 81, 241101(R) (2010).

8. A. Z. Genack and J. Wang, Speckle statistics in the photon localization transitions, in 50 Years of Anderson Localization, ed. E. Abrahams, (World Scientific, Singapore, 2010).


The Thousand Youth Talents Plan (2016)

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