Jia Haibo


Phone: 02787792072

Email: haibo.jia@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Developmental biology

Research Interests: Cardivascular and blood system formation

Academic Degrees


Professional Experience

1994-1998 Hubei University, Bachelor Degree

1998-2001 Hubei University, Master Degree

2001-2004 Chinese Academy of sciences, Ph.D Degree

2004-2009 Vanderbilt University, Research associate

2009-2014 Huazhong University of Science and techlogy, Associate Professor

2014-Now Huazhong University of Science and techlogy, Professor

Selected Publications

 1. Song B, Zhang Q, Zhang Z, Wan, Y, Jia Q, Wang X, Zhu X, Leung A, Cheng T, Fang X*, Yuan W*, Jia H*. Systematic Transcriptome Analysis of the Zebrafish Model   of   Diamond-Blackfan Anemia Induced by RPS24 Deficiency. BMC genomics, 2014, 15:759. (通讯作者, IF=4.397)

2. Yao Y, Ma L, Jia Q, Deng W, Liu Z, Zhang Y, Ren J, Xue Y, Jia H *, Yang Q*. Systematic characterization of small RNAome during zebrafish early developmental stages. BMC genomics, 15(1):117, 2014. (通讯作者, IF=4.428)

3. Jia Q, Zhang Q, Zhang Z, wang Y, Zhang W, Zhou Y, Wan Y, Yuan W*, Jia H*. Transcriptome Analysis of the Zebrafish Model of Diamond-Blackfan Anemia from RPS19 Deficiency via p53-Dependent and -Independent Pathways. Plos One, 8(8):e71782, 2013. (通讯作者, IF=3.746).

4. Zhang Z#, Jia H #, Zhang Qian, Wan Y, Zhou Y, Jia Q , Zhang W, Yuan W, Cheng T, Zhu X*, Fan X*. Assessment of hematopoietic failure due to RPL11 deficiency in a zebrafish model of Diamond–Blackfan anemia by deep sequencing. BMC genomics, 14(1):896, 2013. (共同第一作者, IF=4.428)

5. Li D#, Jia H #, Zhang H , Lv M, Liu J, Zhang Y, Huang T, Huang B*. TLR4 signaling induces the release of microparticles by tumor cells that regulate inflammatory cytokine IL-6 of macrophages via microRNA let-7b. OncoImmunology, 1(5):687-693, 2012. (共同第一作者, IF= 6.283)

6. Jia H, King IN, Chopra S, Jiang C, Guan X, Ni TT, Wells S, Srivastava D, Zhong TP*. Vertebrate heart growth is regulated by functional antagonism between Gridlock and Gata5. Proc. Natl Acad Sci USA, 104(35), 14008-14013, 2007. (第一作者, IF=9.771

7. Zhang B#, Jia H#, Liu J, Yang Z, Jiang T, Tang K, Li D, Huang C, Ma J, Shen GX, Ye D, Huang B*. Depletion of regulatory T cells facilitates growth of established tumors: a mechanism involving the regulation of myeloid-derived suppressor cells by lipoxin A4. J Immunol. 185(12):7199-206, 2010. (共同第一作者, IF=7.412)

Courses Taught

Developmental biology; Molecular physiology

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