He Guangyuan


Phone: (027)87792271

Email: hegy@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Plant Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering

Research Interests: Functional analysis of quality related genes and proteins in cereal crops, Genetic transformation

Academic Degrees


Professional Experience

2001-present, Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China; 1993-2001, Post-Doc and higher Scientific Researcher at Rothamsted Research, UK

Selected Publications

1. Xia Jin, Tao Sun, Xiatian Wang, Peipei Su, Jingfei Ma, Guangyuan He* & Guangxiao Yang (2016) Wheat CBL-interacting protein kinase 25 negatively regulates salt tolerance in transgenic wheat. Scientific Reports 6, 28884; doi: 10.1038/srep28884

2. Qiang Xiao, Ningning Dong, Xue Yao, Dang Wu, Yanli Lu, Fei Mao, Jin Zhu, Jian Li, Jin Huang, Aifang Chen, Lu Huang, Xuehai Wang, Guangxiao Yang, Guangyuan He*, Yong Xu, Weiqiang Lu (2016). Bufexamac ameliorates LPS-induced acute lung injury in mice by targeting LTA4H. Scientific Reports. 6:25298

3. Lihong Chen, Jiapeng Han, Xiaomin Deng, Shenglong Tan, Lili Li, Lun Li, Junfei Zhou, Hai Peng, Guangxiao Yang, Guangyuan He*, Weixiong Zhang* (2016). Expansion and stress responses of AP2/EREBP superfamily in Brachypodium Distachyon. Scientific Reports. 6:2162

4. Jian Zeng, Xiatian Wang, Yingjie Miao, Cheng Wang, Mingli Zang, Xi Chen, Miao Li, Xiaoyan Li, Qiong Wang, Kexiu Li, Junli Chang, Yuesheng Wang, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2015). Metabolic engineering of wheat provitamin A by simultaneously overexpressing CrtB and silencing carotenoid hydroxylase (TaHYD). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 63(41): 9083-9092

5. Jian Zeng, Cheng Wang, Xi Chen, Mingli Zang, Cuihong Yuan, Xiatian Wang, Qiong Wang, Miao Li, Xiaoyan Li, Ling Chen, Kexiu Li, Junli Chang, Yuesheng Wang, Guangxiao Yang* and Guangyuan He* (2015). The lycopene β-cyclase plays a significant role in provitamin A biosynthesis in wheat endosperm. BMC Plant Biology. 15:112

6. Qiong Wang, Yin Li, Fusheng Sun, Xiaoyan Li, Pandi Wang, Jiutong Sun, Jian Zeng, Cheng Wang, Wei Hu, Junli Chang, Mingjie Chen, Yuesheng Wang, Kexiu Li, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2015). Tannins improve dough mixing properties through affecting physicochemical and structural properties of wheat gluten proteins. Food Research International. 69: 64-71

7. Szabolcs Makai, Xiao Li, Javeed Hussain, Cuiju Cui, Yuesheng Wang, Mingjie Chen, Zhaowan Yang, Chuang Ma, An-Yuan Guo, Yanhong Zhou, Junli Chang*, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2015) A census of nuclear cyanobacterial recruits in the plant kingdom. PLoS One. 10(3):e0120527

8. Jiutong Sun, Wei Hu, Run Zhou, Lianzhe Wang, Xiatian Wang, Qiong Wang, Zhijuan Feng, Yaping Li, Ding Qiu, Guangyuan He*, Guangxiao Yang* (2015). The Brachypodium distachyon BdWRKY36 gene confers tolerance to drought stress in transgenic tobacco plants. Plant Cell Reports. 34(1):23-35

9. Xiatian Wang, JianZeng, YingLi, Xiaoli Rong, Jiutong Sun,Tao Sun, Miao Li, Lianzhe Wang, Ying Feng, Ruihong Chai, Mingjie Chen, Junli Chang*, Kexiu Li, Guangxiao Yang* and Guangyuan He* (2015). Expression of TaWRKY44, a wheat WRKY gene, in transgenic tobacco confers multiple abiotic stress tolerances. Frontiers in Plant Science. 6:615

10.Lianzhe Wang, Wei Hu, Jiutong Sun, Xiaoyu Liang, Xiaoyue Yang,Shuya Wei, Xiatian Wang, Yi Zhou, Qiang Xiao, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He*. (2015). Genome-wide analysis of SnRK gene family in Brachypodium distachyon and functional characterization of BdSnRK2.9.Plant Science.  237: 33–45

11. Wei Hu, Yan Yan, Xiaowan Hou, Yanzhen He, Yunxie Wei, Guangxiao Yang*,Guangyuan He*, Ming Peng* (2015). TaPP2C1, a group F2 protein phosphatase 2C gene, confers resistance to salt stress in transgenic tobacco. PLoS ONE. 10 (6) e0129589

12. Tao Sun, Yan Wang, Meng Wang, Tingting Li, Yi Zhou, Xiatian Wang, Shuya Wei, Guangyuan He *, Guangxiao Yang* (2015). Ientification and comprehensive analyses of the CBL and CIPK gene families in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). BMC Plant Biology. 15: 269

13. Quanjun Huang, Yan Wang, Bin Li, Junli Chang, Mingjie Chen, Kexiu Li, Guangxiao Yang *, Guangyuan He* (2015). TaNAC29, a NAC transcription factor from wheat, enhances salt and drought tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. BMC Plant Biology. 15: 268

14. Cheng Wang, Jian Zeng, Yin Li, Wei Hu, Ling Chen, Yingjie Miao, Pengyi Deng, Cuihong Yuan, Cheng Ma, Xi Chen, Mingli Zang, Qiong Wang, Kexiu Li, Junli Chang, Yuesheng Wang, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2014). Enrichment of provitamin A content in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by introduction of the bacterial carotenoid biosynthetic genes CrtB and CrtI. Journal of Experimental Botany. 65(9):2545-2556

15. Yin Li, Xiang Mao, Qiong Wang, Jinrui Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, Fengyun Ma, Fusheng Sun, Junli Chang, Mingjie Chen, Yuesheng Wang, Kexiu Li, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2014). Overexpression of puroindoline a gene in transgenic durum wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp durum) leads to a medium-hard kernel texture. Molecular Breeding. 33(3):545-554

16. Shuya Wei, Wei Hu, Xiaomin Deng, Yingying Zhang, Xiaodong Liu, Xudong Zhao, Qingchen Luo, Zhengyi Jin, Yin Li, Shiyi Zhou, Tao Sun, Lianzhe Wang, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2014). A rice calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCPK9 positively regulates drought stress tolerance and spikelet fertility. BMC Plant Biology. 14:133

17. Chao Huang, Shiyi Zhou, Wei Hu, Xiaomin Deng, Shuya Wei, Guangxiao Yang*, and Guangyuan He* (2014). The wheat aquaporin gene TaAQP7 confers tolerance to cold stress in transgenic tobacco. Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung Section C-A Journal of Bioscience. 69 (3-4 ): 142-148

18. Fengyun Ma, Miao Li, Tingting Li, Wei Liu, Yunyi Liu, Yin Li, Wei Hu, Qian Zheng, Yaqiong Wang, Kexiu Li,Junli Chang, Mingjie Chen, Guangxiao Yang, Yuesheng Wang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). Overexpression of avenin-like b proteins in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) improves dough mixing properties by their incorporation into glutenin polymers. PLoS One. 8( 7): e66758

19. Fengyun Ma, Miao Li, Lingling Yu, Yin Li, Yunyi Liu, Tingting Li, Wei Liu, Hongwen Wang, Qian Zheng, Kexiu Li, Junli Chang, Guangxiao Yang, Yuesheng Wang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). Transformation of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with avenin-like b gene improves flour mixing properties. Molecular Breeding. 32: 853–865

20. Xiang Mao, Yin Li, Shasha Zhao, Jian Zhang, Qian Lei, Dandan Meng, Fengyun Ma, Wei Hu, MingjieChen, Junli Chang, Yuesheng Wang*, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). The interactive effects of transgenically overexpressed 1Ax1 with various HMW-GS combinations on dough quality by introgression of exogenous subunits into an elite Chinese wheat variety. PLoS One. 8(10):e78451

21. Wei Hu, Chao Huang, Xiaomin Deng, Shiyi Zhou, Lihong Chen, Yin Li, Cheng Wang, Zhanbin Ma, Qianqian Yuan, Yan Wang, Rui Cai, Xiaoyu Liang, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). TaASR1, a transcription factor gene in wheat, confers drought stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Plant, Cell and Environment. 36:1449–1464.

22. Xiaomin Deng, Shiyi Zhou, Wei Hu, Jialu Feng, Fan Zhang, Lihong Chen, Chao Huang, Qingchen Luo, Yanzhen He, Guangxiao Yang *, Guangyuan He* (2013). Ectopic expression of wheat TaCIPK14, encoding a calcineurin B-like protein-interacting protein kinase, confers salinity and cold tolerance in tobacco. Physiologia Plantarum. 149(3): 367-377

23. Xiaomin Deng, Wei Hu, Shuya Wei, Shiyi Zhou, Fan Zhang, Jiapeng Han, Lihong Chen, Yin Li, Jialu Feng, Bin Fang, Qingchen Luo,shasha Li, Yunyi Liu, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). TaCIPK29, a CBL-interacting protein kinase gene from wheat, confers salt stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. PLoS One. 8(7): e69881

24. Chen Wang, Pengyi Deng, Liulin Chen, Xiatian Wang, Hui Ma, Wei Hu, Ningcong Yao, Ying Feng,Ruihong Chai, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2013). A wheat WRKY transcription factor TaWRKY10 confers tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses in transgenic tobacco. PLoS One. 8( 6): e65120

25. Yin Li., Qiong Wang., Xiaoyan Li, Xin Xiao, Fusheng Sun, Cheng Wang, Wei Hu, Zhijuan Feng,Junli Chang, Mingjie Chen, Yuesheng Wang, Kexiu Li, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2012). Coexpression of the high molecular weight glutenin subunit 1Ax1 and puroindoline improves dough mixing properties in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum). PLoS One. 7 (11) e50057

26. Shiyi Zhou., Wei Hu., Xiaomin Deng, Zhanbing Ma, Lihong Chen, Chao Huang, Chen Wang, Jie Wang,Yanzhen He, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2012). Overexpression of the wheat aquaporin gene, TaAQP7, enhances drought tolerance in transgenic tobacco. PLoS One. 7 (12) e52439

27. Yingjie Miao, Ling Chen , Cheng Wang, Yajuan Wang, Qian Zheng, Chunbao Gao, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2012). Expression, purification and antimicrobial activity of puroindoline A protein and its mutants. Amino Acids. 43:1689–1696

28. Wei Hu, Qianqian Yuan, Yan Wang, Rui Cai, Xiaomin Deng, Jie Wang, Shiyi Zhou, Mingjie Chen, Lihong Chen, Chao Huang, Zhanbing Ma, Guangxiao Yang* and Guangyuan He* (2012). Overexpression of a wheat aquaporin gene, TaAQP8, enhances salt stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Plant Cell Physiol. 53(12): 2127–2141

29. Lihong Chen, Wei Hu, Shenglong Tan, Min Wang, Zhanbing Ma, Shiyi Zhou, Xiaomin Deng, Yang Zhang, Chao Huang, Guangxiao Yang*, Guangyuan He* (2012). Genome-wide identification and analysis of MAPK and MAPKK gene families in Brachypodium distachyon. PLoS One.7 (10): e46744

Courses Taught

0705031    Principle in Gene Engineering

0702892   Concept of Biological Science

1411601     Genetic Engineering Drugs

170.507     Advance of Biological Science and Technology

170.510      Advance of Genomics


National Genetically Modified New Varieties of Major Projects of China;National Natural Science Foundation of China

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