Zhou Peng-peng

Associate Professor

Phone: 15327418252,13349970852

Email: hustzhoupp@163.com

Academic Areas: microbiology

Research Interests: microbiology、fermentation engineering and biopharming

Professional Experience

September 1984to October 1998    Anhui Institute for Biological Studies (Hefei) , research and exploitation for biotechnology (research  associate )

October 1998 to Now       School of Life Science and Technology Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Wuhan), microbiology teaching、exploitation for microbial resources and research for microbial medicine (associate professor)

Selected Publications

1. Transcriptome analysis reveals that up-regulation of the docosahexaenoic acid in Schizochytrium sp.S056 when glycerol is used, Wei Chen, Peng-peng Zhou,Meng Zhang, etc.2016.2.7 Algal Resrarch Volume15Pages 83–92

2. A novel feedstock for biodiesel production:The application of palmitic acid from Schizochytrium, Wei Chen, Lin Ma,Peng-peng Zhou, etc.2015.3.15 Energy Volume86April 2016, Pages 128-138

3. Characterization of Pythium Transcriptome and Gene Expression Analysis at Different Stages of Fermentation,Yuanmin Zhu, Peng-peng Zhou,Jingrong Hu etc.2013.8.6 PLOS ONE, 2013,8(6):10454-10461

4. Statistical optimization of the medium composition by response surface methodology to enhance schizophyllan production by Schizophyllum commune. Wei Li, Peng-peng Zhou, Long-jiang Yu etc.2011.3.15,Z Naturforsch C66(3-4):173-181

5. Microbial production of docosahexaenoic acid by a low temperature-adaptive temperature-adaptive strain Thraustochytriidae sp. Z105: screening and optimization, Peng-peng Zhou, Ming-bo Lu, Wei Li,Long-jiang Yu, 2010.8.11 J Basic Microbiol,2010, 50(4):380-387

Courses Taught

0822 Microbiology Experiment

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