Ma Jun


Associate Professor

Phone: (027)-87792216


Academic Areas: Biomaterials and tissue engineering

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, 2007, Tsinghua University

Bachelor in Materials Science and Engineering, 2002, Tsinghua University

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2010-present), College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Postdoctor (2008-2010), National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Research associate (2007-2008), Nanomaterials Technology Pte. Ltd, Singapore.

Selected Publications

1. Qin, J.; Zhong, Z.; Ma, J., Biomimetic synthesis of hybrid hydroxyapatite nanoparticles using nanogel template for controlled release of bovine serum albumin. Materials Science and Engineering: C 2016, 62, 377-383.

2. Zhong, Z.; Qin, J.; Ma, J., Electrophoretic deposition of biomimetic zinc substituted hydroxyapatite coatings with chitosan and carbon nanotubes on titanium. Ceram Int 2015, 41 (7), 8878-8884.

3. Zhong, Z.; Qin, J.; Ma, J., Cellulose acetate/hydroxyapatite/chitosan coatings for improved corrosion resistance and bioactivity. Mat Sci Eng C Mater 2015, 49, 251-255.

4. Ma, J.; Qin, J., Graphene-like zinc substituted hydroxyapatite. Cryst Growth Des 2015, 15 (3), 1273-1279.

5. Sun, G.; Ma, J.; Zhang, S., Electrophoretic deposition of zinc-substituted hydroxyapatite coatings. Mat Sci Eng C Mater 2014, 39, 67-72.

6. Ma, J.; Wang, J.; Ai, X.; Zhang, S., Biomimetic self-assembly of apatite hybrid materials: From a single molecular template to bi-/multi-molecular templates. Biotechnol Adv 2014, 32 (4), 744–760.

7. Ma, J., A molecular dynamics study on the nucleation of calcium phosphate regulated by collagen. J Mater Sci 2014, 49 (8), 3099-3106.

8. Ma, J.; Wang, Y. H.; Zhou, L.; Zhang, S. M., Preparation and characterization of selenite substituted hydroxyapatite. Mat Sci Eng C Mater 2013, 33 (1), 440-445.

9. Ma, J.; Tang, J.; Cheng, Q.; Zhang, H.; Shinya, N.; Qin, L. C., Carbon Composite Microelectrodes Fabricated by Electrophoretic Deposition. J Nanosci Nanotechno 2012, 12 (3), 1972-1978.

10. Ma, J.; Tang, J.; Zhang, H.; Shinya, N.; Qin, L. C., Ultrathin Carbon Nanotube Fibrils of High Electrochemical Capacitance. Acs Nano 2009, 3 (11), 3679-3683.

Selected Cases

Structure evolution of doped apatite nano-crystals modulated by the template and their compatibility. National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 51202075, 2013/01~2015/12

Study on three-dimensional printed biomimetic apatite scaffolds for bone transition and regeneration. National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 31570965, 2016/01~2019/12

Courses Taught

0816471 Biomaterials Science (Bachelor)

0706181 Compatibility Evaluation of Biomaterials (Bachelor)

170.610 Advanced Biomaterials (Master)

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