Chang Junli


Phone: (027) 87792274


Academic Areas: Biotechnology / Intellectual Property

Research Interests: Plant Biotechnology / Intellectual Property Protection in Biotechnology, especially gene, genome, proteomic and so on.

Academic Degrees

PhD , 2007, Huazhong Univ Sci Tech, Wuhan, China;

MS, 1999, Hubei Univ, Wuhan, China;

BS, 1996, Hubei Univ, Wuhan, China.

Professional Experience

Lecturer (2002-present); School of Life Sci and Tech, HUST

Teaching Assistant (1999-2001); School of Life Sci and Tech, HUST

Selected Publications

1. X.Wang, J.Zeng, Y.Li, X.Rong, J.Sun, T.Sun, M.Li, L.Wang, Y.Feng, R.Chai, M.Chen, J.Chang*, K.Li, G.Yang*, G.He* , Expression of TaWRKY44, a wheat WRKY gene, in transgenic tobacco confers multiple abiotic stress tolerances, Frontiers in Plant Science, 6, 2015:615. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00615.

2. M. Szabolcs, X. Li, J. Hussain, C. Cui, Y. Wang, M. Chen, Z. Yang, Ch. Ma, A.Guo, Y. Zhou, J. Chang*, G. Yang*, G. He*, A Census of Nuclear Cyanobacterial Recruits in the Plant Kingdom, PLoS One, 10(3), 2015: e0120527.

3. J. Chang, X. Zhu. Bioinformatics Database:Intellectual Property Protection Strategy. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, 15, 2010:447-454.

4. J. Chang, J. Luo, G. He. Regulation of polyphenols accumulation by combined overexpression/silencing key enzymes of phyenylpropanoid pathway. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin, 41, 2009: 123-130.

5. J. Chang, X. Zhu, G.He. Chinese Law System of Intellectual Property Right Protection in Biotechnology. Journal of International Biotechnology Law , 5(3), 2008:113-117.

6. J.Chang, X.Zhu, G.He. Proteomics of patent protection. Biotechnology notification, 1, 2008 (1) :79-82.

7. P.Chen, C.Wang, K.Li, J. Chang, Y.Wang, G.Yang, P.R.Shewry, G.He. Cloning, expressing and characterization of novel avenin-like genes in wheat and related species. Journal of cereal science, 48(3), 2008:734-740.

8. J.Chang, X.Zhu, G.He. Studying on the Intellectual Property Protection of Database in Bioinformation Technology. Journal Of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 6,2006:43-47.

9. X.Zhu, J. Chang, G.He. The protection of intellectual property rights on Bioinformatics. Intellectual property, 1, 2006:27-32.

10. J.Chang, X.Zhu, G. He. Studies on Intellectual Property Protection in Bioinformatics database. Biotechnology Bulletin, 1, 2006:33-37.

11. J.Chang, G.Yang, G.He. Progress and Application Studying on Proteomics. Biotechnology, 5, 2006:82-84.

12. J.Chang, G.Yang, G.He. Progress regarding Techniques of Separation and Detection in Proteomics. Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research, 3, 2006:261-266.

13. Q.Yao, L.Cong, J.Chang, et al. Low-copy gene transfer and stable expression in a commercial wheat cultivar via particle bombardment. Journal of Experimental Botany, 57(11), 2006:3737-3746.

Courses Taught

0701112: Biostatistics


1. Study on the relationship between the gene of grain hardness and gluten strength and the processing quality of Wheat (Department of Science & Technology of Hubei Province, China, 2010-2012).

2. Research on the system and policy of the intellectual property rights protection of National Key Projects on genetically modified organism in China (China Scholarship Council, 2012-2013).

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