Hu Jun


Phone: 86-27-87792147


Academic Areas: Inorganic nanomaterials, Nanomedicine, Tumor theranostics

Research Interests: Tumor theranostics / Nanodiagnostics

Academic Degrees

2005/9-2011/7 PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Wuhan University

2001/9-2005/7 BS in Applied Chemistry, Wuhan University

Professional Experience

2016/1-present:    Lecture, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2011/8-2015/12:   Postdoc Researcher, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Selected Publications

[1] Xie, M.; Hu, J.; Long, Y. M.; Zhang, Z. L.; Xie, H. Y.; Pang, D. W. Lectin-modified trifunctional nanobiosensors for mapping cell surface glycoconjugates. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2009, 24, 1311–1317. (Xie M and Hu J contributed equally to this work)

[2] Hu, J.; Xie, M.; Wen, C. Y.; Zhang, Z. L.; Xie, H. Y.; Liu, A. A.; Chen, Y. Y.; Zhou, S. M.; Pang, D. W. A multicomponent recognition and separation system established via fluorescent, magnetic, dualencoded multifunctional bioprobes. Biomaterials 2011, 32, 1177-1184.

[3] Hu, J.; Wen, C. Y.; Zhang, Z. L.; Xie, M.; Hu, J.; Wu, M.; Pang, D. W. Optically encoded multifunctional nanospheres for one-pot separation and detection of multiplex DNA sequences. Anal. Chem. 2013, 85, 11929-11935.

[4] Hu, J.; Wen, C. Y.; Zhang, Z. L.; Xie, M.; Xie, H. Y.; Pang, D. W. Recognition kinetics of biomolecules at the surface of different-sized spheres. Biophys. J. 2014, 107, 165-173.

[5] Elmenoufy, A.H., Tang, Y.A., Hu, J.,* Xu, H.B., Yang, X.L.* A novel deep photodynamic therapy modality combined with CT imaging established via X-ray stimulated silica-modified lanthanide scintillating nanoparticles. Chemical Communications 2015, 51, 12247-12250.

[6] Tang, Y.A., Hu, J.,* Elmenoufy, A.H., Yang, X.L.* Highly efficient FRET system capable of deep photodynamic therapy established on X‑ray excited mesoporous LaF3:Tb scintillating nanoparticles. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7, 12261−12269.

[7] Hu, J., Tang, Y.A., Elmenoufy, A.H., Xu, H.B., Cheng, Z., Yang, X.L.* Nanocomposites-Based Photodynamic Therapy Strategies for Deep Tumor Treatment. Small 2015, 11, 5860–5887.


Courses Taught



the National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine

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