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Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Biomedical Engineering

This program educates undergraduates based on the following objectives: to get balanced development among moral, intelligent and physical abilities; to foster solid grounded in basic theory, wide-ranged knowledge, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality; to adapt to the demand of the new century development of biomedical engineering industry, including biomedical imaging instruments, biomedical optics, biomaterials and tissue engineering, and biomedical analysis; also aiming at preparing all-rounded, high-quality talents with international competence in biomedical information collecting, processing, development and using. The graduates can be engaged in research on the fundamentals of life science as well as design and development of medical imaging and measurement instruments, medical devices and life science instruments. Meanwhile, the graduates can take the job of management, research and development in the industries and departments of electronics, information and imaging devices.

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