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The fourth annual meeting of "first class discipline construction alliance of Chinese University biology" was successfully held in Huazhong University Of Science and Technology

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(Correspondents, Li Dufeng, Cao Jingjing). On October 17, the fourth annual meeting of "China University biology first class discipline construction alliance" was successfully held in our university. More than 60 leaders from first-class universities and biology disciplines and experts from higher education press from all over the country gathered together to discuss the construction of first-class biology disciplines, personnel training and construction of teachers in China's universities. The forum was presided over by Professor Liu Jianfeng, the director of Key Laboratory of molecular biophysics Ministry of education and vice president of College of life science and technology.

Academician Li Yuanyuan, President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the College of life, and extended a sincere welcome and thanks to the leaders and experts attending the meeting. He pointed out that general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the forum of scientists emphasized the direction for technological innovation in the post epidemic era. At the moment, the alliance would be appropriate and meaningful. After 40 years of hard work, Huazhong University life college has developed a distinctive interdisciplinary development path of "science, engineering and medicine", which has also contributed a lot to the epidemic. At the same time, three messages were put forward: Firstly, please all leading teachers to put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to continue to support the development and construction of biology discipline in Central China University; secondly, we hope that the College of life will implement the spirit of the summer work conference, enrich the connotation of cross innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength; thirdly, I wish the first-class discipline construction alliance of Chinese universities and colleges will be better and better Play an important role in leading the development of disciplines.

Subsequently, Professor Liu Bifeng, executive vice president of the College of life science and technology, delivered a speech. He expressed his gratitude for the strong support of various alliance units. At the same time, the conference focused on the ideas and measures of first-class discipline construction, construction and evaluation of first-class discipline teachers, cultivation of top-notch innovative talents in first-class disciplines, international innovation and practice in first-class discipline construction and national platform construction of first-class disciplines. At present, the teachers and students of the college are adhering to the motto of "being virtuous and generous in learning, seeking truth and innovation", being down-to-earth, pioneering and innovative, and striving for the world-class life discipline.  

During the one-day meeting, academician Deng Zixin of Shanghai Jiaotong University and deputy editor in chief of Higher Education Press Lin Jin'an, Dean of School of life sciences of Fudan University, Wang Shiqiang, vice president of School of life sciences of Peking University, and Wu Wei, Secretary of the College of life sciences of Tsinghua University, gave full introduction to the role of EIC, and made major construction and discipline construction go together Some ideas, innovations and actions of Fudan University of Biological Sciences ”"Thinking on the cultivation of innovative talents in life sciences: strengthening the foundation and cutting-edge" and "personnel training and teaching staff construction of Life College of Tsinghua University" as the themes, they shared the first-class discipline construction experience of their respective schools and colleges, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with colleagues present. The leaders of the participating colleges and departments actively shared the research experience of biology, and launched a heated discussion on the development status, discipline characteristics, teaching resources and sharing, and strengthening exchanges and cooperation of biology first-class disciplines. The host announced that the 5th China University biology first-class discipline construction alliance conference organizer. After the meeting, the guest team visited the College of life, and 16 teachers representatives reported their research highlights to the guests.  

It is reported that the first-class discipline construction alliance of university biology in China was established in 2017, which is an unofficial national, academic and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by colleges and universities related to the construction of "double first-class" biology in Chinese universities. The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the face of the changing international situation and the "two centenary" goals, the construction of the first-class discipline of biology still has a long way to go. As one of the celebration activities of the 40th anniversary of the College of life, the successful holding of this conference provides new ideas for teaching material reform, specialty construction, discipline construction, life science innovative talents training and teaching staff construction, and accelerates the development of the first-class discipline construction of biology in Colleges and universities in China.