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The 4th ICRBM was held in Wuhan

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The 4th International Conference on Regenerative Biomedical Materials (ICRBM 2019) was successfully held in Wuhan, which was chaired by Professor Antonios G Mikos (Rice University) and Professor Zhang Shengmin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, HUST). Professor Zhang Shengmin chaired the Conference Opening Ceremony and Vice President Liang Qian made a welcome speech on behalf of HUST.

Professor Nicholas Peppas (Ex-president of International Union of Societies of Biomaterials Science and Engineering), Professor Liu Changsheng (Member of Chinese National Academy), Professor Insup Noh (Vice President of the Korean Society for Biomaterials) and more than 200 scientists and young scholars from all over the world attended this event.

The ICRBM 2019 released 4 plenary speeches, 34 keynote and invited talks and some oral and poster presentations. The 4 plenary speeches were “A Novel Hydrogel System to enable the Sustained Delivery of Growth Factors in Bone Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine” presented by Professor Nicholas Peppas (Texas A & M, Austin), “Biofabrication Technologies for Complex Tissue Regeneration” presented by Professor Antonios G Mikos, “Innovative Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine” presented by Professor Kam W Leong (Columbia University), “Targeting Inflammation for Biomaterials Design in Regenerative Medicine” presented by Professor Yin Xiao (Queensland University of Technology). The plenary speeches above demonstrated the new directions and trends in the interdisciplinary field of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

By following the tradition of ICRBM conference series, the ICRBM 2019 awarding committee delivered awards to 19 young scholars for their best oral and poster presentations.

During the conference, a special session of “Meeting with Journal Editors” was organized at lunch time. Those major editors came from the famous journals including Science Advances, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering (Part A, B and C), Advanced Functional Materials/Advanced Science/Advanced Biosystems, Biofabrication, etc. The attenders made a very active discussion with the editors. This session served as a bridge linking among editors, authors and readers.

The second meeting of the first committee of The Sub-society for Regenereative Biomaterials of Chinese Society for Biomaterials was held during the ICRBM conference. A new committee was selected and the first meeting of the second committee was held subsequently.

The first International Conference on Regenerative Biomaterials (ICRBM 2013) was held successfully in Wuhan. Till now, the past three conferences have attracted about 200 researchers from USA, UK, Canada, Netherland, Australia, Japan, Korea and other countries each time to share their latest research achievements in the field of biomaterials and regenerative medicine. Now the ICRBM conference series have been recognized as one of the most impact events in the field of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The conference organizers announced that the ICRBM 2021 will be held in Davos, Switzerland.