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Joint management committee holds first annual meeting

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Joint management committee of Sino-French dual-bachelor program held the first annual online conference meeting on February 6th, gathering the full group and representatives from both French and Chinese sides to retrospect the progress of the program in the academic year 2021/22 as well as to investigate the development prospects of the future.

Bifeng Liu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Joint Management Committee of the School of Life Sciences; Jianfeng Liu, Dean of the School of Life Sciences;  Jie Chen, Director of the International Exchange Office of the University; Qunwei Lu, Deputy Dean; Jianmiao Liu, Director of the Sino-Foreign Program Office; Bruno Colombo, former Head of the Department of Biology of the University of Evry-Saclay; and Odile Bronchain, Director of the International Division of the University of Paris-Saclay attended the meeting as committee representatives.

Vice Dean Jun Chen, Deputy Party Secretary Yi Zhan, Director of the European Affairs Office of the International Exchange Office of the University Tian Wan, Director of Academic Affairs Tao Jiang, Director of Sino-French Program Sylvain Fisson, and management team members of both parties attended the meeting.

The conference was co-chaired by program directors Professor Liu Jianmiao and Professor Sylvain Fisson.


Development strategy, teaching quality, student activities of the program and so on were comprehensively presented by both directors. French committee members highly appraised the progress and learned well about student admissions as well as internship arrangements.

During the discussion session, members lively exchanged different opinions on modular curriculum system, friendship relationships of French and Chinese students, joint team building of iGEM, and international summer camps. Plans proposed by Chinese side were positively recognized by French committee members who also supported to build united team of students from France and China to participate in international competitions in order to enhance students’ comprehensive competitiveness.

At the end of the meeting, director Jie Chen and professor Sylvain Fisson made conclusions on behalf of China and France.

Director Jie Chen highly evaluated the progress and development of the program and shared the information about the construction of a new international campus of our university.

Professor Sylvain Fisson said that the program has been progressing well, students enrolled are very excellent, and the management team is extremely capable. He also emphasized that the advanced execution has further strengthened the cooperation between the two universities. 

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