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CCTV News Broadcasted Prof. Qingguo XIE's Team

time:2020-01-06 17:24     number of views:

On January 4, the column of China Central Television's " News Broadcast " reported the research results of the all-digital PET team led by Professor Xie Qingguo of our college. The headline news <Seize the Day and Live it to the Full, Forge a great new era> broadcasted the team's doctoral student Zhang Bo.

On January 3, Xinhua News Agency made a video report on the team professor Xiao Peng under the title of "Scientist's Day Full Digital PET Scientist Xiao Peng: Let Scientific Research Benefits More People", and the program deeply recorded the first-line scientific research represented by Xiao Peng. In the daily work and life of the workers, the video views have exceeded one million in just two days.