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Happy dancing event in spring

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Sino-French joyful dance party was organized by students and student counselors and successfully held on 24 February.

Representatives of Chinese and French teachers expressed their joy respectively. Janek and Alain showed their Chinese "Nice to meet you" and "Mandarin is important" which were carefully prepared in advance and Prof. Jianmiao Liu also delivered a speech in French, welcoming "friends from afar".

Yiping He brought a cello and played "Meditation”, an intermezzo of a French opera "Thaïs" created by French composer Massenet. Its gentle lyrical tune touches everyone's heart, and such a beautiful French song undoubtedly narrows the distance between students and French teachers. The superb piano art from France touched everyone's heart; Xuanang Wen's enthusiastic performance of guitar playing and singing "Love Story" led the chorus of the audience, the atmosphere was fierce, and the applause was thunderous.

In the dance session, everyone joined the rabbit dance in a circle, supporting each other with their hands, dancing to the rhythm of the music; Then, boys invited girls for the ballroom dance and they learned the basic steps from students of music club.

Everyone follows the rhythm and their eyes change from the elegant rumba to the fierce samba with the rhythm changes.

During the free dance session, students invited Prof. Alain and Prof. Jianmiao Liu to dance together. Joyful atmosphere lasted for a long time.

Joy between Chinese students and French teachers is the interaction of heart and friendship; Dance is the communication of knowledge and culture.

On the occasion of this dance, all appreciated the rich and colorful campus life, and believed that under the careful care and guidance of teachers from both sides.

Students of Sino-French program of School of Life Science will continue to pursue excellence and will achieve great performances.