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Jianmiao Liu


Jianmiao Liu is the Director of the program from Chinese side and the Professor of Bioscience at HUST. As founding head of the program, she has day-to-day and strategic responsibility for all academic operations and administration.

Sylvain Fisson


Sylvain Fisson is the Director of the program from French side and the Professor of Immunology at University of Evry Val D’Essonne. As founding head of the program, he oversees all academic and administrative operations by formulating overall strategy, setting goals for growth and providing solutions to issues.

       Janek Hyzewicz    
       Vice Director

Janek Hyzewicz is vice director of the program from French side who is responsible for Academic and General Affairs and is assisting professor Sylvain Fisson managing the program.

Audrey Pineiro

Vice Director

Audrey Pineiro takes charge of Academic Affairs from French side by communicating with French teachers, discussing with them on timetable and teaching plan. She is also responsible for General Affairs including registration on eCampus platform.

Tao Jiang

Head of Academic Affairs

Tao Jiang provides direction and oversight to the initiatives and activities of Academic Affairs. He has extensive experience in curriculum  development and assessment of student learning outcomes. In addition, he is responsible for courses including assisting French course Methodology.

Bingzhang Li

General Affairs Coordinator

Responsible for General Affairs on Sino-French program including finance such as tuition international e-transfer and reimbursement, organizing meeting such as Program Annual Committee Meetings, supporting hiring new staff, managing invitation letters for French teachers who come to China, and handling students’ passports, visa. She cooperates closely with different departments of HUST to make sure all processes and procedures are accurate and each operation functions smoothly by meeting the standards.

Yi Wang

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Responsible for supporting managing academic affairs by working closely with entire French side including French management team and French teachers for all academic responsibilities such as handling English-version Teaching Calendar and Syllabus, French teachers’ teaching schedule and teaching at HUST, supporting timetable making and modifications, dealing with issues and solutions, feedback and development to make sure teaching and academic goals meet the standards. She also takes charge of Program Webpage (English Version), managing English writing and editing the contents, planning and implementing, updating and maintaining.

Jing Xie

Teaching Affairs Coordinator

Responsible for teaching affairs and student affairs for class of 2021 and class of 2022. She takes charge of curricula Planning, course offerings. She collaborates with Chinese teachers and other staff members to ensure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to what is being taught in class and how it is being taught. She also provides guidance on student discipline or behavioral issues to teachers and support to students who are struggling with their studies or grades. Besides, she coordinates student activities such as field trips, assemblies.

Lijuan Nie

Teaching Affairs Coordinator

Responsible for teaching affairs and student affairs for class of 2023. She performs the same responsibilities as Jing Xie. She also takes charge of news-writing of teaching activites.